Italian Crystalware since 1963




Compagnia Italiana del Cristallo sees multiple luxury brands having the same mission: the art of the table!

Steem glasses, glasses, plates and cups, vases, cutlery and trays are made from fine materials such as: crystal, glass, porcelain, Bone China, steel and lacquered wood.

Let’s tell you about how Compagnia Italiana del Cristallo was born!

Compagnia Italiana del Cristallo was founded in 1979 by Gilberto Bagnasacco as a company specializing in crystal and luxury brands. The initial goal was to unite the different distribution realities of the area into a single and more organized company. Gilberto Bagnasacco and Vasco Conti were the main promoters.

In 1980 another company was established with the flagship brand Arnolfo di Cambio owned by Bruno and Gilberto Bagnasacco (Gabriele’s grandfather and father). A few years later Duccio di Segna Srl was established to manage the production and processing of materials. The founders’ goal was to have three separate entities: one commercial, one brand holder, and one manufacturing.

After signing the Arnolfo di Cambio brand license agreement for worldwide production and distribution, Compagnia Italiana del Cristallo has consolidated its position as the commercial and administrative part of the company by opening the doors to the sale of products of other prestigious brands in the crystal and table art sector.

Over the years, Compagnia Italiana del Cristallo has entered into licensing agreements with other renowned luxury brands including Christian Dior, Roberto Cavalli, Blumarine, Valentino, Missoni and Karl Lagerfeld. These partnerships have helped consolidate Compagnia Italiana del Cristallo’s positioning in the luxury market.

This extensive international presence has enabled Compagnia Italiana del Cristallo to reach a global clientele and establish itself as a leader in the industry.

In 1989, Gabriele Bagnasacco joined the board of Compagnia Italiana del Cristallo, succeeding his father. Over the years, he held the roles of vice president and president of the company until 2008, when he acquired the company and became a shareholder and sole director, continuing Compagnia Italiana del Cristallo’s success in the crystal and luxury brands sector.


Compagnia Italiana del Cristallo offices will be closed for Christmas break from 23rd December to 7th January; therefore, order processing cannot be done on these dates, it will be handled with longer delivery times when the vacations return.