Compagnia Italiana del Cristallo obtained the license of Missoni brand in 2021, an Italian company founded by Ottavio and Rosita Missoni in 1953. The
firm operates in the field of fashion and design, it is internationally renowned
especially for its unique fabrics, vibrant prints,
and distinctive techniques such as Zig Zag style, the most iconic one.

Besides fashion, Missoni increasingly offers a global lifestyle concept, including home furnishings that has always been part of its DNA. The brand boasts an amazing collection of fabrics and furniture, a license in wallpaper field and a tableware collection in collaboration with Compagnia Italiana del Cristallo, exalting its creativity and its innovative spirit even in domestic environments.

Missoni Home Collection products are characterized by intricate fabrics, bold colours and sophisticated geometries that create lively and contemporary atmospheres, finding the same elegance that has always distinguished the brand even in the fine collections of porcelain and crystal.